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Zero-the deaf bully

In September 2019, Lucy Kaplan & Jake Tolliver, saw a post about a deaf bully named Marx. They already had one deaf bully they had adopted from NHS several years back & just couldn't stop thinking about Marx! A few days later, they met him in person, fell in love & took him home the same day! Not many people feel comfortable taking on a deaf dog, but with their previous experience, this wasn't a worry for them.

Now named Zero, Lucy & Jake tell us that he is doing GREAT! It feels as if it was meant to be all along <3 "He is the cuddliest, sweetest boy and loves all people and dogs. I am a dog trainer, so he actually gets to assist me on many of my sessions. There are many things that dogs can only learn from other dogs, and Zero, along with my other dog Butter, is turning into a fantastic teacher dog for so many! Both of my boys are not only advocates for their breed, but also show people that just because a dog has a disability, it doesn’t stop them from doing amazing things!"

Zero thinks he is a tiny lap dog & somehow manages to fit all 75lbs of himself in the smallest places. It sounds to us like he has really made himself at home & is loving life!

Lucy says the adoption process was AMAZING! She says it was immediately clear that everyone involved with FHI is passionate & dedicated to the animals & to finding them the right furever home. The communication was quick & excellent both before & after the adoption. They tell everyone they know looking for a dog to adopt from FurEver Home Inc. We never get tired of hearing this! Thank you SO MUCH, Lucy & Jake, for adopting Zero!

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