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Bruce Bruce-Velcro Baby

Bruce is the true definition of "Who saved who?" He came into our home during a very sad time. We had recently lost our little pitty, Jimi to cancer, Stacey tells us. Stacey is one of FHI's AMAZING volunteers and along with her husband, they began fostering Bruce shortly after the loss of their beloved Jimi. Needless to say...Bruce was already home. They foster failed shortly after beginning and we couldn't be happier for them!

Bruce was just 8 months old when they adopted him in June 2020, which means he recently celebrated his 1st birthday with them! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BRUCE!! He is very spoiled already, he has many, many toys and even a monthly subscription to BarkBox. His all-time favorite treat is rawhides from Woof and Whiskers in Omaha.

Stacey tells us that most of the hard stuff was out of the way at 8 months old, otherwise, he's doing great! They are working on leash manners since he is a major puller. He loves to go for car, pontoon boat and golf cart rides. And she tells us he is the biggest cuddle bug! "He needs to be touching you at all times. He is our Velcro baby."

They also tell us that he is a quirky, silly guy! "Has to always be the greeting committee on walks, he MUST say 'Hi' to everyone!" He's even known as the "the creeper" when the neighbors are out, he always looks around the fence or looks over to see their dogs. When he's not creeping on everyone, you can catch him playing with his new doggie friends, enjoying nice long walks with his Momma and even the occasional pup-cup!

Stacey has been involved with animal rescue for many years, so she knows the importance of ensuring you are ready to adopt. Her advice: "Be ready! Your entire family needs to be on board. Make sure you have the time, space and money to meet their needs. They are a member of your family now! Please give them time to decompress and adjust, their worlds have just been flipped upside down." And with your patience and help, their worlds will be right side up in no time and their love for you will be never ending.


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