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Here’s a story about a little fella named Slim. Slim came to FHI from Western Nebraska where he had been adopted, escaped his yard (because he could jump a chain link fence), sent back to his owners, escaped AGAIN, and then never claimed. But when he came to us, all we saw was the sweetest, most gentle, amazing little dog and we were blown away as to why they wouldn’t want him. He went directly to foster with an amazing FHI volunteer, Tara, where he proved to be one of the best foster dogs she had ever taken in.

His time in foster didn’t last long (maybe 2 weeks?), another FHI volunteer had been keeping an eye out for a small dog for a co-worker and Slim checked all of her boxes. Chelsea had been wanting a dog for a while, she wasn’t specific on breed or age, just that she wanted to rescue. When we showed her his picture, she fell in love! Chelsea worked with both volunteers, learning about his demeanor, his habits, the expectations of a foster-to-adopt. We started with a 7-day trial stay, but it was pretty clear to Chelsea after about 2 days that he wouldn’t be leaving.

August 2020, known as Mr. Bingley was officially in his forever home.

They’ve only been with each other for a few months, but Chelsea tells us that from Day 1, he’s been very sweet and quiet. “He likes to be right next to us on the couch or in bed. We’re still working on being comfortable in the crate when Mama leaves the house, but it’s getting better.” Sometimes known as Bings, Bing-a-ling or even Nugget, would you be surprised to know that he doesn’t like ANY toys?! “I’ve tried every kind they offer - he literally doesn’t play, chew, or fetch regardless of the time or location.”

Despite not wanting to play with toys, what Chelsea loves most about him is “that he is so sweet, soft, and truly just wants to be loved. He wants to be near people or cuddled next to you no matter what time of day or night.” He’s a chill, quiet little dude. Mr. Bingley’s FAVORITE word?! “Outside”, of course! “He will spin in circles and jump up and down if he hears it. We try to go out for walks at 7:30am, 12pm, 5pm, and 8:30pm and like clockwork, he will jump up from a nap and do spins until you take him out!”

Since Chelsea is colleagues with one of our volunteers, we get regular updates on Mr. Bingley and every update we get one, he seems to be more spoiled each time. His momma truly loves him and he returns the love each and every day. Thank you, Chelsea, for adopting this sweet boy and for giving him the life he deserves!

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