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Sometimes you just know it’s the “one” that was meant to be. This is how Kelly and Shane Vanek felt when they first met Stella. They tell us she fit right in...on the very first day! “As she has gotten more comfortable with us, we see more of her spunky personality. She loves her fur brother, Albus, and is very curious about her fur sisters (cats), but they aren’t so curious about her.” Cats can be pretty finicky, so we don’t blame them, but c’mon, give Stella a chance!

Stella was adopted in April 2020. Since then, she’s acquired a new nickname: Stella Bean. We aren’t sure if the ‘bean’ part implies that she farts a lot or that she’s just a little bean sprout?; either way, we love it! Kelly says “When she gets excited, she gets a bit uncoordinated and it is the cutest thing!” We’re waiting for a video, Kelly! :D She also tells us that Stella will find the most comfortable spot in bed, ON the pillows. She also does this cute little thing with her paws to reach for you...her leg is a smidge too short to reach anything, but she tries anyway. A for Effort, Stella! Never give up!

When it comes to adopting, the Vanek’s want you to know that being patient is key. “We looked for so long and met with a lot of wonderful dogs who would have been good or great with us, but ended up with a perfect match that we couldn’t be happier about. Don’t get frustrated or give up because of the requirements, if a fenced yard, underaged family member or other pets are getting you rejected, trust that they know what’s best for that dog and that it just wasn’t meant to be.”

Thank you, Vanek Family, you hit the nail on the head. Rescue dogs aren’t perfect, so having their best interest in mind is always our top priority. But don’t give up! If you are willing to spend the time to find the right one, we’ll help you along the way! All the best to Stella and her amazing new family, thank you for sharing your story!!

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