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Rudy tooty sugar booty!

We hope everyone had a safe and happy 4th of July! While you slowly wake up, sipping your coffee, how about you enjoy another adoption success story? This week, we introduce you to Rudy…formerly known as Shimmer.

This little cutie was adopted on December 7th, 2018 by Lauren Light and Ryan Rutledge. Now at 2 ½ years of age, Miss Rudy has acquired a few new nicknames since joining her new family: Rudy Tooty Sugar Booty, Toot, Tooty, Pitty Girl, Princess; we’re thinking she might be a little gassy with all of the ‘toot’ references 😊

Lauren tells us that Rudy is FLOURISHING! She loves the fact that she has two fur brothers she can antagonize (sounds about right!). Her favorite treats are fruits and veggies, especially lettuce! And she is a HUGE Daddy’s girl, she loves to lick his ears when he isn’t looking, just because she knows it tickles him. Oh Rudy, a healthy eater and a diva! They also tell us they love her sassy personality; she literally makes them laugh until they cry!! But the best part about Rudy is how loving and cuddly she is to them.

When asked why the adopted from FurEver Home Inc, Lauren said “they are truly invested in providing the best care for all dogs involved. FHI also ensures each dog goes to a loving home, with the best interest of the dog in mind.” She also says their adoption process was a breeze! Just remember that patience is key when searching for your new furry friend and having a routine in place when you bring them home is just as important.

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