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Roger, Dodger!!

When scruffy little Dodger arrived on January 15th, 2020 as part of our ‘15 on the 15th’, little did he know that his life in a kennel wouldn’t be too much longer. Dodger was one of seven that tested positive for heartworm when he arrived. He went to foster shortly after his first treatment where he was beyond spoiled by his wonderful foster momma, Carrie. She spent her time caring for him during his treatment, as well as working on his leash manners and proper gentleman behavior.

Megan Engle and Lupe Dimas did a lot of research prior to adopting, so they knew all the right questions to ask when they saw Dodger’s photo and submitted their adoption application for him. Turns out, they were a perfect match! His adoption was finalized in March 2020, shortly after his final treatment for heartworm. We hear now that Dodger thoroughly enjoys stealing Mama Megan’s chair and of course, playing fetch...with himself!!

They tell us he’s acquired a few new nicknames: Roger, DJ, Dodgie...and he’s doing really, really awesome! “He loves playing in the dog park and taking in the breeze on the patio. His favorite pastimes include napping wherever he can find a spot and eating ALL the treats!” Megan and Lupe tell us they are so fortunate to have found the happy-go-lucky spirit in Dodger. “He is so content hanging out and relaxing or taking walks to the dog park or to check the mail. He truly is the most perfect little family member for us.”

We always like to know how an adopter’s experience was with us and Megan says their experience was amazing and super easy...almost too easy! “We loved getting to meet Dodger in his foster home, along with Kristina (FHI Adoption Coordinator). It’s been such a smooth transition for us getting our first pet. Kristina continues to be helpful with any questions that we may have regarding DJ. The people are awesome and we’ve even been able to stay in contact with his foster mom, Carrie, that’s been so special to us!”

Well, little Dodger, from down in the Louisiana bayou to lovin’ it in Nebraska, you’ve come a long way. We are ever-so grateful to all of our past adopters for sharing their success stories, hearing how well they are all doing means so much to us. Thank you for taking the time to keep us updated! Have a great life together and thank you for adopting!!

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