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Remembering our june bug

It all started on the evening May 31st 2018. A call for help was sent to Muddy Paws Rescue in Omaha. Two ladies had found a white pittie that was in desperate need of help out by a lake north of Bruno, NE. Muddy Paws reached out to us at FurEver Home Inc. the next morning to see if there were any volunteers that were a little closer & could go check on the situation; the two ladies that found the dog were concerned that she wouldn’t make it through the storms that were rolling in.

I (Tara) got a text the morning of June 1st asking if I had time to go check on a dog. The finders were willing to meet me to help get the dog. I grabbed a few hot dogs, some really good smelling treats, a leash & headed to Homestead Lake. There, I was greeted by Kate & Judy, the two ladies that reached out for help. They showed me where the dog was, we talked about how long they thought this dog was in the area, then how we were going to get her caught & into my vehicle. We had our work cut out for us. She was very scared & in a lot of pain, sunburned, fly bitten, hungry & thirsty. This poor dog wasn’t ready to trust us just yet, it wasn’t going to be easy.

We got the treats & hot dogs out to try to bribe this scared pup out from under the vehicle she was hiding under. Nothing was working. She finally came out from under the vehicle & walked towards Kate’s car. She wanted in, but just didn’t want us to put her in. We decided to open one of the car doors to see if she would jump in. Eventually, she decided she was tired of being scared, so she crawled in & sat down on the back seat. We all took a sigh of relief as we knew she was safe. But she crawled into the wrong vehicle! Oh, June Bug. We slowly gained her trust, successfully moving her out of one vehicle & into another. Once in my vehicle, she relaxed almost as if she knew everything was going to be okay. She smiled for a picture, one we sent to everyone waiting anxiously to hear if we were successful at catching the scared, timid, lost dog & the photo that reminds us to this day how forgiving animals can truly be.

Her finders named her June, since she was rescued on June 1st.

June & myself headed to the vet. Once there, June was nervous but she allowed the vet to examine her but not do too much. We left with some medicine & a follow-up visit in a couple of weeks. Her next stop was the FurEver Home Inc. facility. We had a quiet room ready to go for her with a super soft blanket for her to curl up on & sleep. And sleep she did. Her first night she slept & snored the whole night. June knew she didn’t have to worry about her next meal or sleeping on the ground in the rain. Over the weeks & months June was with us at the facility, she won the hearts of all of our volunteers. She was this sweet, loving, smiling pure white dog, filled to the brim with love. June never met a person she didn’t like. And this is what made her so unique & special to everyone that ever knew her.

Then after a few months, she hit a roadblock. She would get really sick, tired, & not be able to keep her food down, to the point that she could barely stand up. After numerous vet visits, tests, & changes in her food, we thought we were on the road to getting June better. She was better for a few months, then the same thing happened. June wasn’t able to eat without getting sick. She was rushed to the emergency vet, given lots of fluids & more tests performed. We were given new care instructions & new food to try. Her future grew brighter as we watched her improve. As the days, weeks & months went on, June had her good days, followed by even more bad days. The decision was made to let her cross the rainbow bridge...a day no one was ready for.

Almost every volunteer at FurEver Home Inc took time out of their lives to spend some time with June before she left us all. She felt so much love over the course of almost a year of being with us at FurEver Home Inc. Her last day she went shopping at PetsMart, stopped at Woof & Whiskers for a cookie & DogGurt. We had Arby’s lunch in the park & boy did she love that roast beef sandwich! We cuddled, cried & held June. We have some of the best vet’s at Papillion Animal Hospital that let us be with her & hold her to assure her that she wasn’t alone in her final moments. June felt the love from all of us, something she didn’t understand until coming to FurEver Home Inc. <3 <3

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