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Murphy & Kayden, BFFs

Not that long ago, a very shy dog by the name of Murphy came to FurEver Home Inc. His previous situation was not the best. Murphy was fostered for several months by our Foster Coordinator, Tara and her family. They spent a lot of time working with him to get him to come out of his shell and they knew it was going to take the absolute right family to make it work for him.

Carrie Crosby knew Tara from high school and noticed she had been fostering an Aussie, which just happened to be the breed her son was hoping to adopt. She reached out to Tara to meet up with him; the meet went well and they ended up fostering him for about a month to make sure he was the right fit for them. She said it went smoothly and very life. The adoption was finalized in August 2019.

Carrie tells us that Murphy is doing AMAZING! They knew it would take time for him to adjust, so the first few months were a bit challenging. He used to not even want to leave his kennel to go outside. But now he LOVES playing outside and even loves car rides! He also really enjoys the dog park to have other dogs chase far, he's the fastest!!

Murphy and Kayden have bonded beyond expectation. They are literal best friends. They love to go fishing together, play hide and seek, and lounge around together. Murphy's favorite toy is his Kong Bear. He's a pretty healthy snacker as well, he loves carrots, bananas, apples, watermelons, and peanut butter! Carrie encourages everyone to adopt; she says it makes her heart happy giving a dog a second chance and seeing them turn into the happiest dogs knowing they're loved forever!

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