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Mike! Mike! Mike!

We bet that camel hump day commercial is stuck in your head now, right?! But we're not here to talk about camels, we're here to tell you about a dog!

It's been about 3 1/2 years since Mike found his way to Maureen and Joseph Bircher, and they can't believe he's the same dog they adopted back in 2017! Now 5 years of age, Mike is doing great! He loves going on walks, laying around on the couch, playing with numerous toys, getting good neck and booty scratches, and pretty much anything that involves cuddles or naps. Same here, Mike!! :D

Mike, also known as: Mike-Mike, Little Guy, Buddy, Little Buddy, has soooo many great quirks about him! He gets the craziest zoomies when he's super excited or just after a bath. He absolutely, 100% MUST sleep in a nook between Maureen and Joseph's legs at night. He also an expert splooter! And he LOVES dive bombing and rolling around in the grass during walks. His little quirks make them laugh every single day. You can't be in a bad mood around him. His personality is super easy to love!

When it came to adopting, Carrie tells us she was recommended to FHI by a friend and loved that it was a small, local rescue. She said her adoption experience was awesome and loved that they got to keep Mike overnight before signing the adoption paperwork. They were able to see him out of his foster home and got a better idea of his personality and what it would be like with them. She said they spent a lot of time (and treats) to get Mike to trust them. He initially wouldn't even let them touch his stomach or neck. But after a lot of trust building, treats, and patience...he loves neck scratches and belly rubs!

Thank you Maureen and Joseph for taking the time to get to know Mike and for giving him an amazing home! And thank you for checking in with us, we're so happy to see that handsome little smile and that he is doing so well!

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