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For molly-fetch is life!

Today, we bring you another successful foster fail...urrrrm, adoption success story! We seem to have a lot of these, there must be something in the water with our amazing foster families? Whatever it is, we like it! Miss Molly's story began back in August of 2018.

Sean and Angie Wemhoff started off fostering Molly for us, but within 2 days of having her in their home, Angie made it clear to Sean that Molly wouldn't be leaving. "We failed at fostering, but in the end, we adopted the dog of our dreams!" <3 <3 <3

Now approximately 7 years of age, Molly has become one of the girls. She has 2 human sisters and 1 human brother, all under 7 that love and dote on her every single day. "Not knowing exactly what her life was like before us, we have given her so much love and attention. She loves to go on long walks, and we try to go every day. She has a permanent spot on the couch where she loves to snuggle with her humans. Fetch is life! We have gone through countless tennis balls and at least 3 ball launchers. She is rarely seen without a ball in her mouth. She has been the best addition to our family, and are looking forward to many more snuggles, games of fetch, and long walks."

Angie tells us that, in addition to fetch, swimming & catching "sky raisins" are two of Molly's other favorite things to do (sky raisins are flies, in case you didn't know). We're sure her family appreciates Molly keeping those pesky little bugs out of their home. Additionally, she protects them from squirrels and the occasional UPS driver...thank goodness! "I feel so much safer in my house with my kids when she is around. She sticks to me like a shadow and has accidentally been on the receiving end of a few stepped on paws." WHOOPS! This just shows how devoted Molly is to her family!

The Wemhoff Family says they will brag about FurEver Home Inc and encourage anyone who is looking to adopt a furry friend, to check out FHI. Seeing how much the volunteers care about the animals and how they care about the potential adoptive families made their adoption process the absolute best! Molly looks like one spoiled and deeply loved pup! We are so happy for you, Molly girl!

Stay tuned in next week for another Adoption Success Story!

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