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finn turns one!

HAPPY BELATED 1ST BIRTHDAY, FINN!!! His family celebrated on Tuesday when their newest fur pup turned one. When Lauren Waldron's co-worker (and FHI volunteer) shared Finn's adoption photo at work, she fell in love with his gorgeous blue eyes and thought...we have a home AND a lot of love to give! "We met him and instantly fell in love!" Lauren and Zach started the process by fostering Finn, but had every intention of adopting him. And that was finalized in December 2019.

Lauren states that they always wanted a second dog and they always wanted it to be a BIG dog, but the timing was just too perfect to pass up on Mr. Finn. He is now as happy as can be! He loves his big backyard and chasing after his big sister, Winnie. He is the most curious and stubborn little thing, but we adore his feisty personality.

When asked if Finn has any funny quirks, we learned that he is the sleepiest boy at night. Lauren says he falls asleep on the couch every night around 8pm and will not come to bed unless we carry him. And believe it or not...she carries him to bed EVERY. NIGHT. Oh, Finn, we think your Momma has spoiled you already!

"No matter how many rules he may break throughout the day (remember, he's a VERY curious puppy), he always snuggles up to us at the end of the day I wake up every morning with him snuggled on my legs." Lauren and Zach truly adore Finn. This was their first rescue adoption experience and they tell us it has been so rewarding. "There's something so special knowing that we were able to give Finn the loving home he deserves. Definitely adopt!!"

Haven't gotten enough of Finn and his beautiful sister Winnie? You're in luck! They have their own Instagram, check them out here: @winandfinn_

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