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Dooby Dobby Doby

Doby came to FurEver Home Inc. with four other hounds in mid-2019, we all knew him as Justice. His life before FHI was not the best, he and the other hounds had some skin issues that needed to be resolved before they could be adopted and they all needed to put a little weight on as well. One of the things every volunteer remembers about these hounds is their howls! Justice’s was the most noticeable! He always had something to say and was the sweetest boy, so there was no way we could be mad at him <3

Trish met Justice while she was volunteering, she fell in love with him immediately and knew she had to bring him home. She finalized his adoption in September 2019 and he is now known as Doby. Trish tells us he is happy and affectionate now, very well behaved and most importantly...he knows where the treats are stashed. We’re sure all he has to do is stare at her with his puppy dog eyes and she caves pretty quick.

Most of the time, you can catch him snuggling with his toys or cuddling with his humans. But that darn rain is something he is not a fan of, she says Doby will hold it all day to avoid going outside in the rain, so we hope it’s never too long, Doby...that can’t be good on your bladder!

Trish encourages everyone to make sure you and your potential new doggo are a good fit for one another. “Ask questions and take advantage of weekend trial stays,” these are a few of the ways you can make sure you’re making the right decision. Everyone at FHI likes to ensure it will all work out, even after you’ve adopted from us. When Trish had some training questions,we made sure we gave her the resources she needed.

Thanks again for reading another edition of our Adoption Success Stories. As always, if you’d like to submit yours, please let us know!

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