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Buckley the Leg Licker!

When the first thing an adopter says is “We love him beyond words!! We aren’t sure who rescued whom!!” we know a real match/bond has been made and we truly love when they tell us this, it lifts our spirits and keeps reminding us why we do what we do.

Buckley was ‘dopted in March 2018. Deanna Palitsch says he is an angel and she couldn’t possibly pick just one thing she loves the most about him. He is very happy and spoiled and doing WONDERFUL!! He is now 13 years young and drinks a lot of water, has since day one, “but the new thing he does now is after he has a drink, he LICKS OUR LEGS! He also wipes his face on the rug or his bed after eating with his butt in the air...our ritual is to make a big fuss over how silly he is and then scratch his belly with uber amounts of enthusiasm! We can literally see the pleasure on his face!”

He has the patience of a saint and they love him beyond words. Oh Buckley! Hearing this silly story about your leg licking and butt in the air makes us giggle! It definitely sounds like you are super spoiled and super loved! Deanna advises people to research the breed while looking for a new fur pet. “Make sure your lifestyle matches with the requirements of the breed. If they are known for having high energy and you’re a couch will be horrible for both of you!”

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