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Angel The Cuddler

Like many people in 2020, Carle and Paula adopted a new fur family member. This year has been difficult, but the smiles and laughter our pets bring us is second to none and we value their love.

Even though Paula personally wanted an older pup, making sure their new dog got along with her current dog is what mattered most, even if it meant getting a puppy. FHI Martha knew just what she was looking Angel.

Currently 9 months old, Angel adopted Paula and Carle in July 2020. Remember, we don’t adopt them, they adopt us. We hear now that Angle is an absolute delight! She brings Carle the calming she needs, as well as the motivation to go outside for walks and runs, she also does the same for her Grandma and Grandpa. When asked what they love the most about her: “her little growl when playing tug o’ war, her zoomies and her silly nature.” Paula says after her very first bath, Angel decided to zoom through the house for 20 minutes; over couches, into bedrooms, onto beds...pure post-bath joy! We guess that’s where she gets the nickname Torpedo!

On Sunday mornings, Angel can be found cuddled under the blanket enjoying coffee time with her humans. She is LOVING life! She loves snacks, walks, runs, and especially her spot on the couch at night. She would much rather cuddle than sleep. Angel is living with Grandma and Grandpa right now, where kennel training hasn’t been a bother and is going well. Her extreme love for cuddling means less space in their bed. But I think that’s how every dog owner feels! Thanks for the update, Carle and Paula!!! We’re so happy Angel has brought so much joy into your lives <3

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