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Volunteer Spotlight - The Storms

For our Friday Volunteer Spotlights, we’ve showcased several individuals and a few duos, but now we’re introducing you to an entire FAMILY! Meet the Storms! It’s a group effort with this family: Joe, Brenda, Andrew, Emma, Maxine, Chubbs and Millie. They have been fostering for us for 3 years now and have fostered 9 dogs! Their first foster, Maxine, also ended up being their first foster fail. She is the leader of their pack.

All of their dogs are rescues and all of them help with their fosters, some of whom need help learning how to be a dog in a new home. Brenda says their favorite (and least favorite) part about fostering is when their fosters find their forever homes and watching them get a second chance at a new life. She says no matter how great the new family is or how many times they foster, she still cries. One of the best parts is they’ve been lucky enough to keep in touch with most of the adoptive families. Their longest foster, at almost a year, Jonah, even got to spend two weeks with them while his family went on an extended vacation.

“We feel lucky to be part of the FurEver Homes team.” No, Storms Family, WE feel lucky to have YOU as part of OUR team! If your family feels like they would be a great foster home, please fill out a foster application, we’d love to meet you! THANK YOU, Storms family, for all that you do!

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