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Volunteer Spotlight - John Tablazon

Happy Friday! We’ve missed a few rounds of volunteer spotlight, so let’s jump right back in where we left off & introduce you to John Tablazon! John started volunteering for us in December of 2018 when he was fostering Shady for us on the weekends. When the flooding in March began, Deb asked John to foster him full-time until the rescue was able to take him back when they had room again for him. Needless to say, he hasn’t gone back, except for the occasional nail cutting or a quick weekend stay. “Shady has been my first foster and I’ve enjoyed watching him come out of his shell to become a free spirited, and often, stubborn dog.”

John says his favorite thing about being a member of the Furever Home family is seeing how many people are selfless with themselves and so giving of their time to help out rescuing dogs and pairing them with the right person or family. His favorite memory? During the time of crisis. He says he was overwhelmed to see how many people showed up to volunteer, donate, and to walk the dogs back in March. It was great seeing our little rescue get so much support from not only their community, but from all over. Seeing the people in charge keep their heads straight during it all goes beyond explanation; he says he never could have been so cool under such immense pressure. “These people are truly amazing and every person that volunteers there is just as amazing. My hats off to you.”

Your kind words make us blush, John! But without incredible fosters like yourself, we wouldn’t be the same. Our hats off to you for continuing to take such good care of Shady while he searches for his perfect family!

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