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Executive director extraordinaire!

Today’s edition of Volunteer Spotlight is a good one. Let’s all give a HUGE round o’ applause to our very own Executive Director extraordinaire…Martha Thomsen Bang!!! She started volunteering in December 2017, a few months after the facility opened. She plays a pretty big role within the rescue and wears a lot of hats, but we won’t dive too much into those. Let’s find out what she enjoys about volunteering the most and why she does it.

Where does she even begin?! First: the dogs. She has met so many over the years and even assisted in some of their adoptions. They bring her pure joy. Second: the people. “The volunteers are my family and have become some of my closest friends. I have watched so many volunteers come in looking to make a difference, both for the dogs and for themselves. I’ve watched these wonderful people let the dogs and other volunteers into their hearts and heal. They heal from losing their personal family pet, human family members, family crisis, come back from past poor personal decisions…our culture is about saving each other, the animals and people alike.”

Third: the adopters. “The best days are the days I get random adopter check-in texts with updated photos, stories about how the dogs have settled in so well, how they’re learning to be better dogs, and how they’re doing in their forever homes.” Martha remembers the very first adoption she assisted with, Darla the French Bulldog mix. “She was never my favorite dog (nothing against her, we were just never two peas in a pod like you’d imagine this story would be), but she is the first memory of doing something “bigger” than I’d done at the rescue before; it holds a special place in my heart.” She says she will always consider Darla’s adoptive family part of her family! Martha says she giggles every time she gets a new photo of her, she’s so spoiled!! (Photo below is Darla)

Without volunteers like Martha, who go above and beyond with their personal time to dedicate to the animals, is one of the reasons why we’ve been so successful with everything we do. She is also one of the reasons why we CONTINUE to do what we do. She is an amazing human being, with the biggest heart that is spilling over with love for what she does and for that, we say THANK YOU, Martha!!! <3

If you’ve ever wanted to make a difference in a dog’s life, or your own, please consider becoming a volunteer with FurEver Home Inc. We guarantee it won’t be something you regret. To become a volunteer, fill out an application here today:

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