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Volunteer Spotlight - Tara Bragg

Meet Tara Bragg!

Tara began fostering for FHI in 2016 when Deb got her phone number from another rescue friend because she needed a place for a dog named Gypsy coming from Texas to go. Gypsy is still one of Tara’s favorite foster stories. Her favorite thing about FHI, is she has made some pretty awesome friends that love dogs as much as she does . FHI is made of up of a great group of people who all bring their own strengths to the team & when they put it all together there is no stopping FHI when it comes to saving the dogs. Her favorite memory was the day that FurEver rescued June. She remembers the relief she felt once she had her in her vehicle & how she could see that she was relieved & knew she didn’t have to be scared anymore. And of course every time she has a foster that finds their FurEver home is always a great memory.

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