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Volunteer Spotlight - Stephanie Norrick

Let’s all give a huge round of applause to our Volunteer Spotlight this week: Stephanie Norrick! Stephanie joined our crew back in May and says she has loved EVERY minute of it! What she enjoys most about volunteering is getting to know all of the dogs' different personalities and the cuddles...who doesn’t love doggie cuddles?!?!

Although she hasn’t fostered for us, she did recently adopt one of our pups, Titus! Sometimes the stars align, everything falls into place and you just know that dog is meant to be yours. Stephanie says her favorite memory has been watching the dogs grow and really show their personalities once they’ve gotten to know you. Watching her relationship and bond with Titus grow was what eventually brought her to adopt him.

We are so thankful for volunteers like Stephanie that go above and beyond by volunteering their time, but also learn and work with our dogs to help them find their FurEver home. Thank you, Stephanie (and Titus)!!!

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