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Volunteer Spotlight - Saylor George

Meet Saylor George!

Saylor was hired on as a temporary, part-time staff member to help us maintain full time and over time responsibilities in caring for Camp Flood residents as well as some temp boarding services and of course the care of our rescue pups since April.

Saylor has pretty much been helping since day one as her Mom is FHI's Founder and well...she just sort of got tapped into the crazy! Her favorite thing about FurEver Home, Inc. is that it gives dogs a chance that never really got one in their life before they came to the rescue. Her favorite memory was the flood, she loved taking in all of the different dogs (even pigs!!!) and was honored to serve the town's pet population in it's time of crisis. Saylor moves on to college this Fall but will continue to volunteer on the weekend shifts.

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