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Volunteer Spotlight - Peg Gaudreau

Meet Peg Gaudreau !

Her friend showed her an invite on Facebook that FurEver Home, Inc. was looking for new volunteers. She has always had dogs and always been a dog lover and she is retired so she decided she needed something to do. Why not? She was going to go to that meeting. She went in there not knowing anyone except one person and by the time she left the meeting she had a list of assignments to do. She jumped in with both feet the summer of 2017 and she’s never looked back. Her favorite thing about FHI is that she can have TONS of pets and love and kisses while she is here at the FurHut. Nothing is more satisfying and heart warming as finding the perfect family for our fur babies. It's hard to let them go but she tells herself that while they are here, she will love them like her own and promise to find someone who will love them just as much! She has so many memories that She can call her favorite. Just watching our "Family" and seeing how we've grown into a great group of volunteers who have the same vision! These dogs want nothing more than to have someone love them and let them lay in their laps and ear scratches and belly rubs. These are all my favorites! She is so grateful to be a part of this rescue and "family".

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