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Volunteer Spotlight - Nikki Silvey

Meet Nikki Silvey!

Let’s give it up for Nikki Silvey! She has been with the rescue since October 2017. Her first day was the day the Hurricane Harvey dogs arrived from Texas. Seeing the great work the volunteers did that night made her want to continue volunteering with us & we couldn’t be more happy to have her!

She used to do 2-3 shifts a week & helped out whenever she could, eventually landing on every Sunday evening. Lately, she’s been working 80 hours a week at her normal job, so she’s had to take a break from shifts, but she’s hoping to start picking up a shift or two within the next month. In the meantime, she has still continued to help with events, fundraisers, assisting Martha with coordinating intakes, including getting the dog’s online profiles updated. She has also done some home visits & fostering for us. Nikki was also one of several FurEver Home volunteers to let some of the flood victim’s pups stay with her until they were able to get back to their homes.

When it comes to a favorite memory with the rescue, she says it’s pretty much anything when it comes to helping the animals, being able to work with a great group of people, or getting a dog adopted all come hand-in-hand with favorites. Nikki says she feels blessed to be part of such an amazing group & constantly seeing all of the things FurEver Home is doing for the animals & the community is amazing!

We are looking forward to seeing you around the Furhut more often, Nikki! We love having you on our team & are so grateful you decided to be part of our family!

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