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Volunteer Spotlight - Margaret Gemar & Girls

Meet the Gemars!

Margret and her daughters have been with FHI since 2017. The trio are huge contributors in the areas of walking/exercising the pups, fostering, and can be seen at almost all of our events.

Their favorite thing about FHI is the extra programs (Operation Sit and Stay, owner assistance with food/vet bills, low cost micro-chipping, jail break days) that we offer to our community.

One of Margret's favorite memories is her recent work with the adoptions committee helping place adoptables with their new homes. Her favorite rescue pup so far has to be Blue. Margret and her family were in charge of Blue from the time he came in as a surrender, fostered him for a few months to get him ready to be adoptable, all the way to researching and interviewing for his FurEver Home.

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