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Volunteer Spotlight - Kristina Mott

Meet the Kristina Mott!

Kristina has been with us since October 2016. She was introduced to Deb by Wendy Pete. She said she LOVED the positive vibes that she got from Deb when it came to caring for the dogs. She asked Deb if she could name one of the puppies at the rescue Merkley, as a tribute to a friend whose husband was diagnosed with lung cancer (their last name was Merkley); Deb was more than happy to oblige this request. Kristina said she was so amazed at how Deb knew just how much it meant to her & she absolutely knew this was the rescue she wanted to volunteer for. She is so impressed with all of the volunteers & how they all put their hearts & souls into caring for the animals.

Kristina has fostered 30+ dogs & has foster failed once, her sweet Mocha girl. Since adopting her, Mocha has gone through basic obedience training, CGC class (Canine Good Citizen) & is now a registered therapy dog. She loves working with each dog that comes through her home. In addition, Kristina is also our adoption coordinator! She does her absolute best in ensuring the best homes for every dog. Her greatest moment with the rescue was when she found a home for Bridgette. Bridgette spent over a YEAR with Kristina & even though it took time, she knew how awesome of a dog she was & just need time to find the right home.

Without volunteers that foster, rescues like FurEver Home Inc wouldn’t be as successful as they are today. We can’t say enough thanks to Kristina for all that she does!

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