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Volunteer Spotlight - Jess LaRocca

Meet Jess LaRocca!

When it comes to volunteering for a rescue, the first thought most people have is walking dogs. There is SO MUCH MORE that goes on behind the scenes too, including the technical stuff. This week, for our Volunteer Spotlight, we are introducing you to Jess LaRocca!

Jess has been with Furever Home since January 2018. Ever since she reached out to Deb to inquire about open volunteer positions, she has been running rampant with her off-the-wall graphic design ideas & shenanigans ever since! Have you seen our cover photo?! That’s all Jess’s work! She assists with anything & everything related to technology, marketing, social media & web design. Her biggest project to date? Creating our new website!! It recently went live with the brand new Furever Home Inc logo (that she designed) & fully updated pages. If you haven’t seen it yet, go check it out ( Jess has also helped with automating forms, creating many fun flyers, newsletters & graphics for our events & social media pages.

Her favorite thing about volunteering with us is the tremendous group of people behind it. She says “this group is AMAZING & everyone works their tails off to help rescues in need.” Even though she contributes a small part, she says it feels great knowing her efforts help support the volunteers on the front lines who work day in & day out to care for the sweet doggos that make their way into the Furever Home Family.

You may not be on the front lines with us, Jess, but you are a deeply valued member of our team & we are furever grateful for all that you do for us! Send Jess some love, we wouldn’t be the same without all of her crazy ideas, wonderful designs, amazing work!

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