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Volunteer Spotlight - Jack Diers & Madisen Manning

Meet Jack Diers and Madisen Manning!

Jack and Madisen started volunteering mid October of 2018. One of their favorite things about FHI is that everyone has the same goal and it is heartwarming to help these dogs find their FurEver homes! Another great thing about FurEver Home, Inc. is everyone treats the dogs that come through as their own, meaning everyone takes a little time out of their shift to give each dogs some love and belly scratches!! They said their favorite memory so far is when they took Titus to Madisen’s house and let him run free in the backyard; he would just sprint back and forth kicking around a ball, and every once in awhile he would come lay on their laps awaiting a quick belly rub so he could go play again! It can definitely be stressful sometimes and it is also bittersweet when the furbabes find their FurEver homes but at the end of the day they wouldn’t want to be doing anything else!!

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