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Volunteer Spotlight - Heidi & Todd Block

Meet Heidi and Todd Block!

Heidi and Todd have been with us since 2016.

Their favorite thing about FHI is the impact this group has had on the community and more importantly the dogs. This group holds itself to a higher standard and provides the best care possible - not only ensuring proper medical attention is given to each dog, but also mental stimulation and a stable environment. Shelters are naturally a stressful situation, but all of our volunteers treat each dog in our care as if they were our own. We love them, we rejoice at finding them permanent homes and our hearts break when they cross the rainbow bridge. The people of Fremont are learning that FHI is synonymous with integrity, honesty and caring.

One of their favorite memories to date is when they had the opportunity to bring both Bossy & Wally (both difficult dogs to place into perfect homes & long-term residents) to their house for an afternoon. They gave them time to run around their big backyard off-leash. They kept playing hide & seek with each other around our big evergreens. When they finally wore themselves out, they took naps in the sun on the patio furniture. It was a wonderful feeling to be able to offer them respite from the shelter - if even for an afternoon. They know it lifted their spirits and gave them hope that someday they’d each have their own yard to run around in - which they both have now!

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