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Volunteer Spotlight - Hank and Amy Schollmeyer

This week's Volunteer Spotlight introduces to you Hank and Amy Schollmeyer! Amy has been with us since Fall 2017, and Hank...well he didn't know Amy was signing him up but he has been a champ ever since 📷:)

Hank and Amy couldn't have joined us at a better time, we had just pulled dogs affected by Hurricane Harvey. Within a week, Hank and Amy were assigned their first foster, a yorkie mix by the name of Ed. Since then, they've gone on to foster 8 dogs and find great homes for 7 of them. (Actually 8, but they foster failed and kept 1!!)

Amy said one of her favorite memories has been her current foster Isabella. Isabella came in heartworm positive, scared, and was underweight. Amy has loved being able to watch Isabella fight through and recover from heartworm, blossom from a scared little girl staring at the wallto a rambunctious and playful spirit who has learn to trust and love.

Thank you Hank and Amy for everything you do for these pups. We are so lucky to have you!

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