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Why Microchip Your Pet?

Microchipping your pet just may be one of the smartest choices you make with your pet. Unlike tags that sometimes fall off or that can be taken off a microchip is forever and can't be removed.

Microchipping your animal involves implanting a rice size chip between your pets shoulders and should your pet get lost or go missing, local vets, police departments, rescues, and humane societies are all equipped with chip readers which gives the organization the chip number, the owners contact info, and if there are any health issues with said dog. The organization can then use this information to contact the owner to get them reunited.

This is a safe and effective way to help reassure your pet gets home, if you should ever get separated. If your animal is microchipped, rescues like FurEver Home Inc are likely to be in contact with you within 30 minutes of finding your lost pet. Please remember, if you microchip your pets you need to make sure they are registered online with your personal information or you're defeating the purpose of having one. Lastly, when/if you move, make sure you update the information on the chip to your new address.

FurEver Home Inc proudly offers microchipping to the residents of Fremont for the low cost of $25 per chip. If you would like to get your pet chipped (yes, that means cats too!), please call 402-979-8800 to schedule an appointment today. Leave a message and a volunteer will be in touch with you shortly.

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