Pet Travel Safety

Traveling with your pet can be fun and provide you both with new experiences to explore and be active. It also presents more unexpected events to navigate. Having a backup plan that ensures your furry friend will be able to travel with you safely is critical, and these travel tips will help you create a game plan for what you may encounter.

Short Trips Are a Great Way to Discover How Your Pet Travels

It's crucial to know how your pet will behave when traveling before taking a longer trip. Never traveled with your pet before? Try taking a shorter trip to make sure that they're comfortable, and use it as an opportunity to observe their behavior and make a list of things you might need for more extended travel. Pets can become anxious while traveling, so if you notice behavior changes in your pet when you're out and about, then having a few treats on hand or toys for them to play with can help them stay more relaxed.

Talk to your veterinarian about any severe anxiety or motion sickness your pet may have, as they may be able to recommend medications or treatments.