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October is Adopt-a-Shelter-Dog Month

October may be a spooky month, but it's also Adopt-A-Shelter-Dog Month! Established in 1981 by American Humane, October puts a focus on the estimated 3-4 million dogs waiting for a loving home. Join our fight to adopt a pet and save a life.

Be a hero this month and adopt a dog from your local shelter or rescue group. You’ll be saving his or her life and greatly improving your own as dogs are amazing, supportive, and heroic companions.” - American Humane

If you choose to adopt a dog this month you may want a few tips for your new furever companions transition. As in any situation it takes time to adapt to a new environment. You may find your furry companion lost in his surroundings. We hope these tips for the first thirty days will help you and your newly adopted friend have a smooth transition:

Looking for ways to help during October? Consider spreading the word on social media outlets, volunteering at Furever Home Inc., and/or educating others about the importance of adopting. In a time where social media has an everlasting effect on society, it is the quickest way to reach a larger audience. Consider making a post telling friends October is Adopt-A-Shelter-Dog month and connect them to their local shelters.

You could even goo above and beyond and volunteer with us! Furever Home Inc. is ALWAYS searching for community members to join our amazing group of volunteers. You can come as often as you’d like to walk our furry friends around the neighborhood. Who knows, you might even find a friend to adopt on your visit! Simply click on the 'Get Involved' option above and you're on your way to hanging out with some cool people and even cooler dogs!


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