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Healthy Food Choices for Small Pets

Smaller pets like rabbits and guinea pigs are adorable family pets. Giving them the proper care and diet is crucial to keeping them healthy and happy, so what are the best food choices for small pets? Let’s take a look at some of the healthiest foods for small animals.


A common food is pellets, which are small capsules of compressed ingredients and nutrients to nourish your pet. These can be quite hard, and may be difficult for smaller animals to process. Make sure to monitor your pet when giving them pellets for the first time to ensure they’re able to fully chew and consume the pellets. There are a wide variety of pellets, so you can try some to see which your pet responds best to.

Hay and Grass

When it comes to hay and grass for feeding small animals, there are a number of options available, but not all provide the same benefits. You’ll want to pay special attention to what you’re feeding your small pet in order to keep them well-nourished.

Common hays and grasses include Timothy hay, alfalfa hay, and orchard grass. Many small pet owners like to provide a variety of hays and grasses so they can enjoy different textures and tastes. Doing so can help promote good digestion, dental health, and a number of other benefits they wouldn’t get from just eating one type alone.

Fresh fruits and vegetables

Experts believe that fresh produce should make up around 20% of a small animal’s diet. Stick to a serving of dark leafy greens every other day, and banana or melon at least once a week which can provide them with quality nutrients as well.

Whatever you choose to feed your pet, make sure you monitor them while they eat if you introduce a new food. With this, you can notice anything they don’t particularly enjoy or any foods they have a hard time chewing and ingesting. So whether you own a rabbit, chinchilla, guinea pig, or any other small pet, it’s important to provide them with a diet that will nourish them and help them feel happy and healthy.


Written by Bailey Schramm

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