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Lost & Found Pets

We wanted to update you on standard protocol for handling lost and found pets through us. More details below and stay tuned as we work to update our website.

1. Owners must prove ownership, as well as proof of current rabies vaccination and proof of city licensure for pets inside Fremont city limits.

* Current rabies vaccination is required by state law and city ordinance. If current rabies vaccination cannot be produced, we offer to transport to a vet for the vaccination to be administered.

* Current city pet licensure is required by city ordinance. If this is not current, we can issue this for owners.

2. Once all of the above steps have been completed, we are required by our service contract to contact the police department and get permission to release the pet to owners. We cannot complete this step until all of the above are in compliance.


We understand how upsetting it is to be separated from your pet for any length of time, and we work to get pets back to their owners as quickly as possible. To ensure your pet can get back to you as quickly as possible, we suggest the following:

1. Make sure your pet stays current on vaccinations and maintain proof of these vaccinations so they are easily accessible.

2. Make sure you are obtaining a pet license for each pet in your home and maintain the license every year.

3. Take precautions to ensure your pet doesn’t get loose. Stay in the yard with your pet while they are outside going potty or playing. Do yard perimeter checks to make sure there are no gaps in fencing they can slip through. We have staff and volunteers who can help with an assessment of fence areas, provide suggestions to prevent pets from escaping the property, and other helpful tips that keep a pet safe at home. And always make sure to use a leash when out for walks!

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