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Updated: Oct 16, 2019

***UPDATE: We just got the call, Kaya's surgery is this Wednesday October 15! Please keep Kaya in your prayers as she begins the process of surgery and healing!***

HAPPY MONDAY! We were quite busy over the weekend. FHI received a request to take Miss Kaya in late last week. Kaya was surrendered to a shelter recently due to the fact her owners had taken her to the vet for pain and limping, it was at this appointment her vet had diagnosed her with Wobblers. Due to what must have been a very scary diagnosis to her owners, not to mention the very expensive price tag that comes with treating this disease Kaya's owners felt she was best served by surrendering her to the shelter. Unfortunately, the success of treatment and long term outlook made her case out of bounds for the shelter to handle internally and sadly, the shelter was faced with finding a rescue that could take the dog in and follow through with treatment and the hope for adoption, or the shelter would need to euthanize her.

Something about Kaya's case nagged at us here at FHI and just knew there was more to the situation. Our very own Martha checked Kaya out of the shelter and brought her directly to the vet where Kaya was, in fact, diagnosed with hip dysplasia NOT wobblers!!! YIPPEE!!!

Now if you know Martha or can probably imagine the pitiful looks and sobby eyes they went to their Board and the other team members begging "Please, Please can we have this dog???" (Yeah, it really happens this way, they're both ridiculous and very extra) and Thankfully the Board and team signed on to help this very special, very sweet girl. While Kaya does not have Wobblers, hip dysplasia is still a serious condition and very painful for dogs. Kaya is currently awaiting her appointment for surgery yet this week, and we are in the process of planning all of the details of her recovery. We have received an estimate of surgery costing between $1200-$1500, and Kaya will receive recovery support through follow up appointments to include accupuncture, laser therapy and possibly even chiropractic support, in addition Kaya will receive a special diet to help the prescribed medications make the best possible impact in pain control and the management of swelling. So on top of the initial cost of surgery, we will have theraputic appointments every two weeks possibly, not to mention added cost for her special diet and medications until she is fully recovered. We expect to incur a total potential cost of $3,300 and $4,500 by the time Kaya is fully recovered.

Sadie Dog Fund (SDF is completely amazing, and if you arent familiar with them you need to follow them and see all of the amazing ways they help our animals!!!) has graciously pledged $400 towards the "Kaya Campaign" and we are asking for help from our public to help offset some of the rest of the funds. While we pulled and committed to Kaya knowing this was going to be expensive...going into winter is a slow time for rescues and funds are hard to come by during the winter season so in an effort to help Kaya, yet not deplete funds any more than neccessary, we would appreciate your help.

We are including a few articles about hip dysplasia to help educate everyone on the condition, provide an understanding of the surgery and recovery in the hopes you are better armed should you ever be faced with confronting this situation with your own pet!

Last, help us WELCOME KAYA TO FurEver Home, Inc. !!!! and please pray with us as she begins her road to recovery and eventually her FurEver Home! We can't wait to share her with you!

Our paypal address is or you can click here to make a donation!

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