Dear Maxine: Introvert in Iowa

Welcome to another installment of “Dear Maxine”, where my canine, feline (and occasional human) friends, write in for advice on immunizations, nutrition, behaviors and anything else on their minds. (Full disclosure, my human mom helps me type this.)

Our third letter comes to us from an Introvert in Iowa who writes:

Dear Maxine,

I just adopted a dog from a wonderful rescue. Henry is young and playful, but at this time is an only dog. He seems shy around other dogs and will often hide. I really want to socialize him. I was thinking about taking him to a dog park, but I am not sure. Dog parks: yes or no?


Introvert in Iowa

Dear Introvert,

What a fabulous question! There are various schools of thoughts on this subject, so here are the pros and cons of taking your new best friend to a dog park.

Pros: dog parks provide a safe area that is fenced for your dog to play, exercise and socialize. They can facilitate socialization with a variety of dogs. It can also provide a social setting for humans to gather and talk.