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Volunteer Spotlight - Shelley Kempenar

Happy Friday! Time for another volunteer spotlight! This week, we introduce you to Shelley Kempenar! Shelley has been with FHI since the building opened in September of 2017. In addition, her daughter, Kallee, is a FurEver Home Junior Volunteer that enjoys visiting & helping the pups too. And did we mention that her mom volunteers with us too? That makes 3 generations, you can definitely say it's a family affair for these 3 ladies!

She has done several Sit and Stay fosters, which is one of the things she loves the most; she loves knowing that the person is able to get well without having to worry about their furry companion. Some of her best memories with the rescue are her date nights with Shady...Coffee, Starbucks, jumping in the bathtub with her (yes, he jumped INTO the tub with her!) and all of his slobbery kisses.

We are so lucky to have Shelley as a member of our Furever Team, we are so grateful for everything you do! Thank you, Shelley!!

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