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Volunteer Spotlight - Lori Koss

Drum roll, please! Volunteer Spotlight time! Lori Koss joined us in March after the flood waters receded & people were able to get into Fremont. And ever since, she’s been helping us at the hut, the food pantry, microchip/nail trims, & as many events as possible. She says she loves volunteering with us because we are all working towards the same goal with immense passion. “Furever Home has a very special group of volunteers who all work well together & will drop everything to make sure the needs of the animals are met with patience & understanding.” We couldn’t have said it better, Lori.

She has two favorite memories to share. The first was seeing how scared the dogs were that came into the rescue during the flood without their owners & in unfamiliar surroundings, yet to see them greet us with wagging tails because they knew they were safe & happy with us, even though it was a strange environment. Her second was when a young boy came into the hut a few days after the flood & poured out his piggy bank on the desk, asking us to buy some toys for the dogs so they wouldn’t be lonely while they were away from their families.

Stepping up to help us when we needed it the most is just one of the many reasons we are grateful for volunteers like Lori. Thank you for being part of our team, Lori! And count yourself as one of the special people that work towards the same goal with us!

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