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Volunteer Spotlight - Amy Mortensen

Meet Amy Mortensen!

Amy was hired on as a temporary, part-time staff member to help us maintain full time and over time responsibilities in caring for Camp Flood residents as well as some temp boarding services and of course the care of our rescue pups since April.

Amy is no stranger to rescue, she has been a long time supporter of FurEver Home since its beginning. It was only fitting to ask her to come on temporarily in our pinch due to her past experience with rescue. Her favorite thing has been helping the dogs one on one, having them know there really are people who care & can love them unconditionally!! Her favorite memory would be the hounds, seeing first hand they would finally get the help & love they deserved. She's enjoyed her time and has said she has loved being a part of the FurEver family. It's been special to her how you get to be a huge part of the dogs' lives and healing, and getting to meet people that have the same passion as you.

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