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Fireworks Safety Tips

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

It's no secret - fireworks and pets don't mix!

Here are a few tips to keep your pets safe during this upcoming fireworks season:

  • Leave your pet at home! While it may be tempting to bring your furry friend along for the festivities, it is always best to keep them safe at home and away from the scary loud noises. We recommend a night of netflixing & chilling instead - don't forget the popcorn!

  • Keep their microchip information up to date.

  • Have them wear their collar & ID tags, at all times.

  • No ID tags? Write your phone number on their collar.

  • Get plenty of exercise with your pet during the day.

  • Keep them indoors while fireworks are being used.

  • Give them a toy or bone to play with during the festivities.

  • Turn on a TV or radio for them & close your blinds.

  • Make a safe space in your house with their bed, crate, etc.

Tips to prevent your dog from running off:

1. Watch for your pet before opening any doors to go outside.

2. Talk to the children old enough to be left home and make sure they are being mindful of where your pets are at before opening doors while you are away.

3. If your pet is a "door dasher" take extra steps to kennel them, baby gate them in another interior room.

4. Be in the yard at all times with your pet and especially with fireworks coming up use extra precautions such as a leash even in fenced yards.

5. If your pet has a tendency to be afraid of fireworks let them out for potty breaks and exercise early in the morning and later at night when things are quieter.

6. Be on guard during times of busy traffic in your home with guests and during times when fireworks are more frequently going off. Your pet can run at any time.

IF your pet becomes lost have the following ready:

1. Is your pet clearly identified either by a tag with your info on it? Or, better yet, is your pet MICROCHIPPED???

2. Have a few well-lit and well-focused photos of your pet on your phone that you can share if they run off.

3. Have a copy of your pet's rabies certificate available. Their rabies tag is not sufficient for reclaiming as it doesn't show the expiration of the vaccination. It only shows when it was given.

4. If your pet's rabies is not current, get it done as soon as possible.

5. Keep a copy of your pet's rabies certificate handy and on file or as a scanned file in your emails or a computer where you can access it easily.

We hope these tips help you and your pet celebrate this holiday season safely!

P.S. If you need a microchip for your pet, please reach out to us! We offer $25 microchip appointments.

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