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Cooper The Super Pooper!

For Cooper, finding the perfect home didn’t come easy. He has a medical condition that not many people were willing to take on...trouble pooping. But that didn’t turn Erin and Sean DeBerry away, not for one second.

Adopted in October 2019, Cooper is doing GREAT!! He has atresia ani, type 1; he must have loose stools and not be constipated or he will have pain and trouble with bowel movements. Erin tells us that he has definitely calmed down and is more comfortable with us and the care we are giving him. He also has accepted his routine (we have as well), which has made for a much happier and healthier pup! There are so many things they love about Coop: he’s so playful, he makes us laugh, he’s a good snuggler, and he’s so darn cute!! Everyone at FurEver Home Inc would agree with that! He was a favorite amongst the volunteers when he was staying with us.

Cooper is also fortunate enough to have two fur siblings in his new home. He loves his brother, Crosby, they play like maniacs daily. His older sister has become the “cranky old lady” in the house and makes sure they don’t get too out of control and helps to discipline Cooper when needed. We love watching the dynamic between the three of them, Erin says. He also makes the silliest noises when he plays with Crosby, it’s so funny!! He also has a post-poop trot (because a good poop is very important to Coop!) that is great. Lastly, he likes to watch TV, especially animal shows.

Like most of our other adopters, Erin and Sean feel it’s important to know that when you bring your new dog home...give them time to acclimate! It may take time for them to fully blossom, but the payoff is worth it! We are so THRILLED to hear how well our Super Duper Cooper Pooper is doing now and we are forever grateful to Erin and Sean for giving him such a great life. From all of us at FHI, THANK YOU!!!

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