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Baby Boy Banjo

Banjo has only been with his new family since December 2019, but the Bartek Family tells us that he is doing AMAZING! Hearing these words never gets old for everyone at FHI. We hope these Adoption Success Stories are bringing you some light and joy into your lives. These stories are the reason we do what we do every day.

When asked if Banjo has any funny quirks, Sara's response was "we could write CHAPTERS on this." "He has a little dance he does if he has to go into his kennel or if he sees his leash. He also loves to unstuff his toys." Yes, UN-stuff them. We can only imagine the fun everyone has picking up after those toys have been relieved of their stuffing.

He is also an expert at cuddling, he loves it. "His quirkiness brings us all together laughing at his silliness." That's the Banjo we remember when he was at our facility! So what made the Bartek Famiy adopt? "We dropped off some dog beds for a Girl Scout project. We were hoping to help replenish any beds or supplies lost during the flooding." And the rest is history! A quick glance around the facility and you could find your best friend before you know it.

Sara recommends fostering for at least a month or two before adopting, this gives you the opportunity to make sure they fit into your family. We love when potential adopters want to be sure it's the right fit for them, this helps us ensure we're doing what's best for the dog and lessens the chance they will be returned. Continue to be your silly, quirky self, Banjo! We are so happy to see you doing well!

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